Land of the Dead gets its groove on

Toronto-based publisher announces development of first-person shooter based on George A. Romero's latest.

PlayStation 2 owners have Resident Evil 4 to look forward to for some pre-Halloween thrills, but Xbox and PC owners will be able to brave their own zombie horrors this October with Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green, a new first-person shooter under development at Brainbox Games.

Based on this summer's horror hit George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, Road to Fiddler's Green will act as a prequel to the film. At the outset, players are dumped in the middle of a harsh wasteland with nothing but an army of the undead standing between them and Fiddler's Green, the last stronghold of humanity.

A first-person shooter built using the Unreal engine, Road to Fiddler's Green lets gamers cleanse the land of the zombie scourge with a variety of melee and ranged weapons, including baseball bats, fire axes, shovels, sniper rifles, and M16s. The game also features a multiplayer mode that lets players work with or against other humans to save or doom the race.

Unfortunately, Road to Fiddler's Green will not feature the voice talents of Dennis Hopper, John Leguizamo, and the rest of the Land of the Dead cast.

Brainbox Games has previously worked on the budget PC action games Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam and Desert Thunder.

Road to Fiddler's Green will be rated M for Mature.

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well like you were talking about the movie here well the movie was good but the game amazing