Land of Legends goes gold

Humans, elves, and more to battle when PC game is released in September; demo now available on GameSpot DLX.

The turn-based strategy game Land of Legends has gone gold, publisher Shrapnel Games reported. The fantasy game will hit stores on September 21 for the PC and will carry a retail price of $34.95.

Shrapnel has also simultaneously released a demo for Land of Legends. The demo includes two of the game's six playable races, and it features three multiplayer maps and four missions from the single-player mode's 32-mission campaign. The demo can be picked up now on GameSpot DLX.

While the full game's single-player campaign mode will be long and involved, the multiplayer games are designed to be completed in "the same amount of time it takes a pizza to get to your house," said the announcement.

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