Konami ships two

Konami ships the latest iteration of Frogger for the GameCube and Xbox, as well as Whiteout for the Xbox and PC.


Konami has announced that both the GameCube and Xbox versions of Frogger Beyond have been shipped to retailers in North America. The game features eight different environments, each of which is filled with different types of challenges such as riding a snowboard down an ice-covered mountain or navigating through an asteroid field. A PC version of the game will be available in spring 2003.

Konami's snowmobile racing game for the Xbox and PC, called Whiteout, has also shipped. Whiteout lets players select from 12 different riders as well as 14 sleds, each of which has different abilities that can be upgraded over the course of the game. Each rider can also perform a variety of tricks while speeding through one of the game's nine courses. In addition, Whiteout offers a few different gameplay modes, including career, multiplayer, quick-play, and arcade modes.


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Just bought a Brand New copy of this game for $.99 + $4 shipping! LOL


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