Konami developing new Suikoden?

Voice actor Makoto Terada's blog reports he's contributing to a new game in Konami's series.

TOKYO--It appears Konami is working on a new installment in its Suikoden role-playing series. News of the development leaked Thursday in the online diary of veteran voice actor Makoto Terada, who mentioned clocking studio time for a Suikoden game.

"At noon, I recorded voices for a game named Suikoden (Konami). In the evening, I worked on an anime named Erementar Gerad, which will be starting in April," Terada wrote in his blog.

Terada, who currently works under the pseudonym Mugi Hito, is known for his voice contributions to anime like Grappler Baki, where he voiced the character Orochi Doppo. But he also lent his voice to the role of Sigma in Capcom's Rockman X4 and X6.

Suikoden IV, the latest in the long-standing franchise, was released for the PlayStation 2 on January 11 in the US. GameSpot will provide further information on any future Suikoden game as it becomes available.

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