Konami and Imagineer Plan More N64 Titles

Reports out of Japan indicate that Konami and Imagineer are planning more titles for the Nintendo 64 in 1998.

In addition to Hybrid Heaven and Castlevania 3D, Konami is apparently readying a few more Nintendo 64 games for release in 1998.

Konami's head of N64 development, Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka (KCEO)'s Katsuya Nagae said in a recent interview in The 64 Dream, "There will be a Goemon sequel next year. We are thinking it will have two-player simultaneous play.

"We are aiming to release Hybrid Heaven at the end of next year. We have two more unannounced titles -- one is a simulation/RPG title. It's not a sequel to a game in another series. The other is a 3D shooting game."

Imagineer has been a big Japanese N64 supporter, and in 1998 plans to increase the amount of games it releases.

Imagineer's executive director Seiji Tashiro told The 64 Dream, "We are planning to release a total of 15 to 16 N64 titles next year. Among them, we have a Pokemon-like RPG. We are thinking of interesting gimmicks for the titles in terms of hardware. We also have a puzzle game and a realistic racing game. We will officially announce these at the end of this year or the beginning of next year."

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