Kojima's Next Game on DC?

TOKYO - Konami's next major Dreamcast release is likely to be Raizeleet, rumored to be Hideo Kojima's next game.

TOKYO - Konami announced its next Dreamcast game, Raizeleet, developed by KCE Japan. Konami only released a single piece of conceptual art for the game, but it's safe to say that the game will be set in a fantasy world with a musician as the protagonist who has been invited by a king to the castle. His musical instrument looks like a sort of guitar that can understand what people are talking about. Some are saying that Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, is involved in this game. It's not known if this is true or not, but we'll let you know.

Konami also revealed that its talented development team, Major Ace, is working on the latest game in the International Superstar Soccer series. It's currently being called Jikkyou J League Perfect Striker 2. The game will have a success mode that is a popular feature of Konami's other acclaimed sports series, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball. This is a create-a-player mode that has made Powerful Pro Baseball the best baseball game in Japan. In the latest installment of PPB, the success mode has been turned into its own game - Powapuro-kun Pocket, a Game Boy game. Now you can create and train your player when you aren't at home. It's not known if the latest soccer game will have this same kind of spin-off title. No release date has been set for the latest ISS installment yet.

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