Koei cooking up three for PS3

Koei confirms two other games besides Ni-Oh are in development for Sony's next-gen console.

TOKYO--During E3, Koei showed a trailer for Ni-Oh, one of the first PlayStation 3 games. But it seems that Koei is working on a few more titles for Sony's next-gen console. Ni-Oh's official preproduction Web site contains some nuggets of information dropped by Shibusawa during his speech at E3.

According to Shibusawa, Koei is currently developing two additional games for the PlayStation 3, which will "take full advantage of the machine's high specs." The company hasn't given any clues as to what the two may be.

Developed under the direction of Kou Shibusawa, Ni-Oh will be based on a script by the late legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The script is also being turned into a feature film that will be released simultaneously with the game in 2006. The game was previously announced under the tentative title "Oni."

For more details on Ni-Oh's E3 presentation and Koei's previous announcement on its movie production, check GameSpot's previous coverage.

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