Known Bugs, Changes, and Fixes

Community News Blog: We're in the process of making changes to the site, please standby.

We've in the middle of a transition with the server changes, so we apologize for the time-out errors and other related issues you may have been experiencing.

Due to the number of total users using the image upload tool we cannot warrant us spending resources on supporting it anymore We're determining a way to provide a better image upload system later this year, but starting tomorrow image uploads will be disabled. You can still view all of your image uploads of the years. Please use a 3rd party image upload service like imageshack or photobucke in the meantime.

As we continue to troubleshoot bugs, we appreciate your continued patience, and notifications about issues you've encountered. To keep everyone on the same page, here's the current known bugs we've been troubleshooting in the past week.

- Server error message - 504 Gateway Time-out. Technical staff have been working around the clock to resolve many of the server errors we've having on the site.

- Post flooding error preventing you to post in forums or unions.. Planned fix, we're in the process to exceed the amount of posts you can have per minute.

- User review not displaying immediately If you reviewed a game, please note that some users can see the link on their contributions page, but the review isn't accessible.

- Why won't my settings save? For the time being, please use your Fuse settings until we can resolve the old settings issue.

- PC game download data missing. Please report any files you notice missing on the site in this topic..

- Search problems. We're looking into issues involving forums and blog searches, but there's also reports about short game names not pulling up accurate results. This may require much more investigation across multiple bugs.

- UK users experiencing IE9 browser issues.GameSpot UK is checking into this technical issue.

- Harsh points loss when encountering a suspension. If you're a higher level account, you'll notice that when you get suspended, you will lose majority of your level.

We hope to have majority of these problems resolved this week. As always, we appreciate your continued patience and support. If you have a technical issue on the site, please post it in the technical support forum as soon as possible! Be sure to include as much information as you can, such as your browser information, webpage urls where you found the content, and screenshots if possible.

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Please fix them before more people leave this site, please



I've never experienced any kind of problem here.


a hub-page where to see what emblems are up for grabs in the upcoming events


Let us pray that these bugs and other problems are fixed soon.

JodyR moderator

 @diabolik_023 Nice suggestion! We have plans to share such information in a weekly announcement, along with points up for grabs that week!