KnightShift update

Zuxxez and Reality Pump are making some major changes to their upcoming strategy game. New screens inside.

Zuxxez and Reality Pump Studios have today announced that they're making some major changes to their upcoming strategy RPG, KnightShift. According to the official KnightShift Web site, the game will now be released later than was hoped as a result of numerous improvements being implemented, including everything from character visuals and the musical score to a major shift in the gameplay mechanics as the game becomes more RPG-oriented than was originally envisioned.

KnightShift has always been described by the development team as combining role-playing and real-time strategy elements, but it seems that, although the RTS elements will still be present and are actually being enhanced at this time, the role-playing aspect of the game will now be the game's primary focus. No more specific details as to the changes being made to KnightShift have been released at this time, but the game's Web site has been relaunched and now includes some fairly detailed info on the different characters, equipment, and buildings in the game.

KnightShift was originally scheduled for release this month, but following today's announcement no new release date has been announced. For more information on KnightShift, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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