KnightShift update

The cartoony fantasy RTS from the creator of Earth 2150 is coming next spring. New screens inside.

Zuxxez Entertainment has updated its Web site for KnightShift, an upcoming real-time strategy game from Reality Pump that features a style and setting that are dramatically more lighthearted than those of the developer's Earth 2150 games.

KnightShift doesn't seem to be a conventional RTS. Much of the game's economy revolves around cows, which are tended by young cowherds and produce the key resource: milk. The cows can be threatened by wolves, which the cowherds can fend off or train. The fruits of players' economy go toward supporting a band of knights and retainers who naturally go adventuring and are the focus of the action. As a part of the game's role-playing bent, knights can gain experience, equipment, and skills.

KnightShift is one of the first game's to use Reality Pump's revised Earth III 3D engine. The game is now due out early next year. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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