Kirby's Epic Yarn spins Feb. 24 Down Under

Nintendo Australia details plans to bring Kirby's latest game to Australia.


Nintendo's 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference was one for the fanboys. Not only did the house of Mario debut new hardware with the Nintendo 3DS, but plans to also revive old franchises, like Donkey Kong and Kirby, were revealed. While both franchises were released late last year in the US, only Donkey Kong Country Returns made it to Australia in 2010, leaving Aussie fans wondering when Kirby's Epic Yarn would make it Down Under.

Today, Nintendo Australia has come out with news that many fans have been waiting to hear: Kirby's Epic Yarn will be launching on February 24. By the time the game arrives in Australia, it will have been almost four months since its initial release in Japan and North America. Kirby's Epic Yarn will retail for A$99.95.

Probably the most drastic change that Kirby has undergone for his latest outing is the patchwork art style. Set in the aptly named Patch Land, Kirby must track down pieces from a magic ball of yarn that's the key to holding Patch Land together.

For more info on Kirby's Epic Yarn, check out our full review.



Wow dang, lets hope the Aussie's didn't edit it too much. It is an awesome game, enjoy you crocodile lovers!


Ah.Nintendo gives a gift to Australia.It's just a shame they didn't give it sooner.