Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders sequel announced

Update will offer new characters, Xbox Live support, and new single-player features.

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes for the Xbox, the sequel to Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, is currently in the works, publisher Phantagram announced today. It will be developed by Blueside and directed by Henry Lee, who led the creation of The Crusaders.

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes features seven new characters with their own combat styles and moves. The game adds Xbox Live features, such as troop, hero, and co-op battles, plus new single-player modes like campaign, random, and custom missions.

Heroes continues the story on the Bersian Continent, where humans, orcs, and elves compete to survive and reign.

A release date for Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes has not yet been set. Phantagram said that it plans to announce a new Kingdom Under Fire series for a next-generation platform sometime soon. GameSpot will provide more as we get it.

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