Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders E3 2003 Preshow Report

The sequel to KUF: A War of Heroes will be coming to the Xbox this year. Check out the latest information.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is the sequel to the 2001 RTS action game KUF: A War of Heroes. Though the original was a PC only title, Crusaders will be coming exclusively to the Xbox, and aims to put you in the thick of the most intense medieval battles imaginable.

The plot of the game is set fifty years after the events of A War of Heroes. At the beginning of the story, you will learn that the dark legions have returned, massacring a small group of villagers who lived near a former battleground, which had since become a sacred place. It isn't long before politics begin to turn into rivalries and vendettas, and the peace the land once enjoyed becomes thoroughly non-existent.

Crusaders will feature two main races; humans and dark legions. You will be able to choose from one of several character types within each race, and take them to war against the opposing forces. You will start out with one basic infantry unit, but you will have the ability to hire and acquire additional units, or develop them into more specialized and powerful units as the game progresses. Battles in Crusaders will be fast and fierce, with the option to lead your army into battle, or fight the enemy yourself. Up to 150 characters can appear on screen at once during a battle scene. Elements such as rain, wind, fire, and even the earth beneath your feet can affect the strategy and outcome of your battle. Once the battle is finished, you can use the world map to designate where your troops go next. While moving across the continent, players can stop by castles, gain endorsements from feudal lords, hire mercenaries, replenish or change equipment, and more.

The game will also feature support for the Xbox Live service, allowing you to download upgraded mission packs, and eventually upgraded characters as well. Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is set for release later this year.

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