Kingdom Under Fire Character Abilities

Phantagram releases a partial list of special abilities featured in its upcoming real-time strategy game.

Phantagram and Gathering of Developers have released a partial list of character abilities found in their upcoming strategy game Kingdom Under Fire. The game incorporates a number of role-playing elements, and it includes 70 unique characters. The following is a partial list of some characters' special abilities:

Warrior ability: Berserk - Inflicts more damage with weapon.

Archer ability: Fire Arrow - Coats arrow with a flammable substance.

Knight Templar abilities: Charge Knight - Speeds up horse when charging. Divine Light Knight - Reveals any hidden or invisible units in its path. Holy Aura Knight - Absorbs a certain amount of damage.

Cleric abilities: Lesser Healing - Restores some of the hit points of a friendly unit. Major Healing - Restores some of the hit points of any units nearby. Turn Undead - Inflicts damage on undead units. Purification - Removes any adverse effects such as poison, blindness, or infestation.

Mage abilities: Create Mana Orb - Stores mana in a crystal orb for later use. Castle Portal - Teleports all nearby units back to their main castle. Astral Gate - Transports units. Dome of Cancellation - Creates a zone that cancels the effect of enemy spells. Dome of Negation - Covers a larger area than Dome of Cancellation. Invisibility - Invokes invisibility. Haste - Speeds up a unit dramatically.

Hodian Sorceress abilities: Fire Ball - Shoots a fiery ball of death toward a target. Improved Fireball - Adds more damage to regular fireball. Summon Stone Golem - A Stone Golem appears to do your bidding. Meteor Strike - Summons a huge meteor from the sky.

For more information, read our previews of the game. Kingdom Under Fire is scheduled for release at the end of the month.

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