Kengo returns to the PS2?

Thought to be cancelled, Kengo: Legacy of the Blade is now in development for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade, the follow-up to the PS2 game Kengo: Master of Bushido, is currently on schedule to be released on the Japanese PlayStation 2 console in spring 2002, according to a report on GameSpot Japan. The game was originally in development for the Microsoft Xbox, but it was scrapped following the announcement of Kabuki Warriors for the Xbox. However, it now seems that Legacy of the Blade has been revived for the PlayStation 2. Both of the games, Kabuki Warriors for the Xbox and Kengo: Legacy of the Blade for the PS2, are being developed by Japanese firm Lightweight Studios.

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade features five primary modes of play: training, street battle, survival battle, imperial tournament, and head-to-head battle. A variety of environments are featured in the game, including a training dojo, waterfalls, a monastery, and bamboo forests. The objective in Legacy of the Blade, much like in the first game, is to teach your fighter new skills and take on a variety of increasingly difficult opponents. GameSpot will have more as further information becomes available.

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Kengo: Legacy of the Blade

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade