Kayak Extreme announced

Global Star's 3D kayak racing simulation is coming this holiday season.

Global Star Software has announced its upcoming 3D kayak racing game, Kayak Extreme. The game will feature a combination of realistic kayaking and fast-paced gameplay. Players will race on authentic kayak racecourses in a variety of locations, including Alpine streams, African rivers, and Alaskan waterways. The courses will include waterfalls, reverse gates, and other features. In addition, the game will include upgradable paddles and kayaks, an international racing circuit, a training course, and several advanced kayak maneuvers such as the Eskimo roll and the pirouette.

Kayak Extreme is in development at Small Rockets, and it is scheduled for release this holiday season for an approximate retail price of $19.99.

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Kayak Extreme

Kayak Extreme