Jet Grind Radio Turns Deluxe

Sega plans to release Jet Set Radio Deluxe for the Japanese market.


GameSpot News has learned that Sega plans to release Jet Set Radio Deluxe in Japan. The game is the release of Jet Grind Radio (the North American version of Jet Set Radio) for the Japanese market. It will only be available through the Dreamcast Direct Web site. A free T-shirt (the same design as the game character Beat's T-shirt) will be included with any preorders of the game.

Jet Set Radio Deluxe is scheduled for a January 1, 2001 release for 5,800 yen (US$54) in Japan.



what exactly was the difference between the jap jet set radio , the american jet grind radio and the pal jet set radio....?? I always heard that the pal game got two levels that the usa game didnt...