Jedi Power Battles ships for the GBA

THQ sends the action game for the Nintendo GBA to retailers nationwide.

Lucas Arts has announced the release of Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Based on the PlayStation and Dreamcast games, Jedi Power Battles lets players assume control of a Jedi Knight to oppose the forces of the Trade Federation. The game plays from a top-down perspective and features 10 levels of play.

"Star Wars is one of the most identifiable properties in the entertainment industry today,'' said Germaine Gioia, vice president of licensing at THQ. "THQ is very excited to be bringing Star Wars to the Game Boy Advance for the first time.''

On a related note, Lucas Arts recently released Star Wars: Starfighter Special Edition for the Microsoft Xbox. The game is based on the PlayStation 2 shooter.

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Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles