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Dragonseeds is the next title from Jaleco. It lets you create and do battle with your own pet dragons.

If you are a fan of games like Monster Rancher and Pokemon, then you will definitely want to check out Jaleco's next title - Dragonseeds.

The object of Dragonseeds is to create your own breeds of dragons and then fight 'em in the virtual ring. Dragons in the game can look like reptiles, winged insects, arachnids, birds, sea mammals, crustaceans, land mammals, and a "few unknowns." This game isn't about raising monsters from infancy; instead, it's about breeding fighting machines.

To do it, you use game-save slots from any PlayStation game. What you end up with is a mature dragon, ready to do battle - no babies here. The combat is turn-based, much like RPGs, but you can execute up to two commands in each attack and dodge simultaneously.

The game boasts a boatload of variations on the dragons - a total of 2,048 variations. Plus, they can evolve in different ways, making up to 8,192 evolutions possible.

Dragonseeds is a Japanese release for right now, but Jaleco is looking at releasing the game in the US. It will be released in Japan during the third quarter of the year, but a firm release date in the US has not yet been determined.

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