Irth Online pulled out of Magic Hat

New MMORPG announced today is scheduled for a second quarter release; beta testing sign-ups now under way.

Massachusetts game developer Magic Hat today announced Irth Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The title, Magic Hat's first commercial MMORPG, will enter Beta testing soon, and those interested in participating can sign up on the game's Web site.

"We waited until now to make our first public announcement about Irth Online, because we wanted to deliver early content to players rather than just plans and promises," said Dennis Robinson, lead developer. "Players are encouraged to apply for our beta test [to] help improve not only the future of Irth Online civilizations, but [also] the quality of the game itself, which is our highest priority."

The world of Irth Online is a fantasy-based persistent environment. Players can join one of three civilizations: the northern-based Arcadians, the southeastern-based Morbus, and the southwestern-based Mezoteks. There are no skill restrictions based on race or class, which lets gamers' characters live out their existencess however they choose.

Be sure to check back here soon, because GameSpot will have all the details on Irth Online when they're announced.

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