Iron Phoenix now ablaze on the Xbox

Sega's action brawler features 16-player online fighting over Xbox Live.

Sega today announced that Iron Phoenix has shipped to stores and is now available for the Xbox. The game was developed by Taiwanese developer InterServ International.

The story of Iron Phoenix sees a giant meteor slamming into ancient China. The space-rock is used by a blacksmith, who forges nine magical weapons that, when combined, release an evil unstoppable power. It'll be up to the gamer to track down all nine weapons and lock 'em up for good.

However, the game's biggest brawls will be taking place over Xbox Live. Iron Phoenix supports 16 simultaneous players in a battle royale taking place on wide-open maps. Gamers can choose their own weapons and pull off various moves such as running along walls and temporarily gliding through the air.

Iron Phoenix is rated "T" for Teen and sells for $49.95. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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