Introducing GameSpot TV

The video hub has seen a long-overdue redesign. Learn about what has changed and get a glimpse into the future of GameSpot!


If you've heard any of the community rumblings lately, you probably already know that we're in the early stages of a complete site redesign (and if not, now you know, and knowing is half the battle). While there are many pages on GameSpot that are in desperate need of a reboot (and yes, before anyone mentions them in the comments, Unions will be addressed, but we'll talk about that a bit later), we had the opportunity to touch up our video hub, and we took it.

Introducing GameSpot TV

Not too long ago, we released the first version of our application on Xbox Live, GameSpot TV for the Xbox--by the way, if you haven't checked it out yet you should totally go do that. This Monday, we updated our video hub in a pretty big way, and we've started to simply call it GameSpot TV.

When you're visiting the new video hub, the first thing you'll be greeted by is the current top video on the site. Beneath that you'll find all the movies that have been published on GameSpot in two lists: large thumbnails indicate other popular videos, and small thumbnails indicate videos by recency. Twenty recent videos and three popular ones are displayed at a time, but you can pull in more with the "Show me more" button at the bottom. You can also filter down to a specific type of video if you like using the navigation at the top of the page.

Lastly, we'll also be making a change to our global site navigation to better highlight our shows. You should see this happen in the next couple weeks.

A peek of things to come

In the coming weeks, we'll be opening up a lot more about what we're working on for the site redesign, how we're working on it, and why. In the meanwhile, GameSpot TV gives you a peek into what you can expect: cleaner, simpler, and more-focused pages with an emphasis on usability.

Check out GameSpot TV now and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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i find the new gamespot tv to be really cluttered. i don't like how its not more organized. when i click on shows, i have to endlessly scroll down until i find the show that i want to watch and that is a BIG problem. This reminds me a lot of tumblr, and its cool if i can use a pin feature to see which video i let off, but if i want to watch something like the whole series of qft, then i would have to keep scrolling. 


i hope you guys do something about your menu's to address that. Ive been irritated with gs for not being more organized to that extent. a lot of gs pages that i used to visit like gs greatest games ever. Or the daily editorials that the staff used to write before it was replaced by soapbox....a lot of these great pages are missing or hard to find. 


Fix Fuse! It appears Every Gamespot User features break horribly. Also Gamespot should better communicate with the users  with these problems, all i hear are cricket sounds.


We need:

*Video/image hosting on the site (i mean our blogs looks kinda...well sad )

*Our freinds list back to our main GS profiles.

*The ability to edit our comments and use our GS "classic" smilies.(or you can get rid of Livefyre because it sucks)

*Comments, replies, and new posts' notifications via GS PM's not just emails.

*Bring the "Now Playing" display thingy!

*Make space (sections/panels ) for the good ol' consoles like PS2, PSX, GameCube, Dreamcast etc

Good luck and hope you do it right this time :)



Ok i have one question, are you guys going to bring the video/images uploading hosting thing? i mean i still can't believe you took this out in the first place, you ruined GS you guys you know that right? i mean you can upalod videos and images on all the other websites IGN, Giantbomb etc and i still remember those days when we "spotters" used to have the right and do the same, oh well (T-T)

zyxe moderator

 @matastig pretty much agree with everything you've stated.

c_rakestraw moderator moderator

 @matastig They removed them for the time being because they were broken. Not much point in spending resources fixing something that's already busted when you could spend it retooling it from scratch.

LarkAnderson moderator staff

 @c_rake  @matastig Hey guys, as with Unions we'll be speaking about this in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details!