Interplay recruits celebrity voice-over talent for RLH PS2

Interplay reveals further details its PS2 sci-fi action game, which will include Lance Henriksen and Kate Mulgrew in its cast of voice-over talent.


Digital Mayhem, a division of Interplay, has officially announced that it has enlisted several well-known celebrities to do the voice work in the PlayStation 2 game, RLH. Lance Henriksen, who played Bishop in the Alien movies, will provide the voice of Nick. Kate Mulgrew, known for her television role as Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, will provide the voice of Dr. Mek. Dr. Mek is a priestess from a docile alien race who forms an alliance with Nick in order to survive the evil alien offensive. Other members of the celebrity cast include Michael Ironside as commander Mason, Brad Dourif, who will appear in the Lord of the Rings feature film, and Clancy Brown, who has appeared in Starship Troopers and Highlander.

"We are proud to feature a talented Hollywood cast in RLH," said Interplay Entertainment founder and CEO Brian Fargo. "Their talent in previous work will bring sci-fi and horror to life in RLH."

RLH is scheduled to ship in Q3 2001.


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