Interplay comments on Galleon sale

Interplay comments on its recent sale of Confounding Factor's Galleon: Islands of Mystery to SCi.

Following SCi's announcement earlier this month that it has signed the Xbox version of Galleon, Interplay has today released a statement concerning the game's sale.

"In development for more than three years, Galleon no longer fits with Interplay's strategy going forward," said Herve Caen, chairman and CEO of Interplay. "Heading into 2004, Interplay is facing critical decisions about its future strategy, its resources, and its product lineup. The company's development resources will be streamlined and focused on high-profile game titles we have planned for release next year and in the near term, including Exalted, an action adventure title now in development."

SCi plans to release the Xbox version of Galleon in spring 2004. The UK-based publisher owns the worldwide rights to the game, but since it doesn't actually distribute outside the UK, it will be announcing partners for other territories in the near future.

For more information on Galleon: Islands of Mystery, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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