Intel Extreme Masters Singapore kicking off tomorrow

The tournament featuring StarCraft II and League of Legends will be held from November 22 until November 25.

ESL World's Intel Extreme Masters Singapore is set to kick off this week.

The games that will be featured for the tournament will be StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and League of Legends. The event itself will be held at the SITEX 2012 exhibition at the Singapore Expo, Halls 4B-6. The schedules for the tournaments from November 22 to November 25 are below (GMT +8/SGT time zone):

Asian gamers can get their LoL and StarCraft II livestream fix starting tomorrow.

November 22
Time: 11am – 9pm Tournaments: StarCraft II Open Bracket, League of Legends Group B

November 23
Time: 11am
Tournaments: StarCraft II Group Stage, League of Legends Group B

November 24
Time: 11am - 9pm, League of Legends finals start at 6pm
Tournaments: StarCraft II round of 16 and first three quarter-finals matches, League of Legends semi-finals and finals.

November 25
Time: 11am – 5:30pm; StarCraft II finals start at 3:45pm
Tournaments: StarCraft II last quarter finals, semi finals and finals matches.

For more information, check out the official ESL page for the event. GameSpot will update this space with the livestream link.

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It is because there is no events like this in Europe and America that people are not intrested in these games


 @_yuriy_ Stupid comment, both sc2 and LoL are massive in America and Europe...


And most of the time competitions like IEM IPL MLG are held in either Europe and/or America....


You are just wrong on so many levels if you clearly aren't interested in LoL or sc2 speak for yourself, IEM always gets like 250.000 stream viewers if you count both games...