Insane First Impressions

We take a quick look at the off-road driving game from Codemasters.

Codemasters sent over the latest alpha build of its upcoming off-road racer, Insane. Unlike other racing games, Insane doesn't force you to stay on the road; in fact, there aren't very many roads in Insane to begin with. To win a race you must drive through different types of terrain in order to reach checkpoints that are scattered throughout the level. With the help of an onscreen arrow and a map, you'll be able to find the checkpoints without a problem, but getting to a checkpoint first requires that you find the best route. You can drive up hills and off cliffs, but that wouldn't be the best strategy to use as your car will sustain damage that will significantly affect its performance and even cause the wheels to fall off.

Although this build of Insane is only 80% complete, the 20 different types of vehicles are all detailed and have many subtle effects such as mud flaps flailing around while you're driving over the terrain. The view distance on each of the 30 tracks is also impressive with mountains, checkpoints, and other obstacles clearly visible from a distance.

GameSpot will have more on Insane before its November release.

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