Infamous: Festival of Blood tops November PSN sales

Sucker Punch's $10 vampire-infused take on the world of Infamous claims title of "fastest-selling PS3 digital game ever launched on PSN."

Sony today released its list of the top 20 best-selling PlayStation Network games for the month of November, revealing that Infamous: Festival of Blood has infected the top spot and set a new record for PSN game launches.

Festival of Blood finally offered fantasy fulfillment to those who really, really want to be bloodsucking bike messengers.

The $10 stand-alone follow-up to Infamous 2, Infamous: Festival of Blood casts players as a vampiric Cole McGrath who has a single night to track down the head vampire responsible for an undead infection sweeping through New Marais. Sony claimed the title set a new record as the "fastest-selling PS3 digital game ever launched on PSN," but did not reveal sales figures for the game.

Saints Row 2 was the second-best-selling full game of the month, capitalizing on buoyed interest in the series with November's launch of Saints Row: The Third, not to mention a promotion that sees Saints Row: The Third owners given a free downloadable copy of its predecessor. Overkill Software's Payday: The Heist and EA's NBA Jam: On Fire Edition both dropped spots over last month, and Limbo rose to the number five spot after not charting at all last month (the game was the subject of a half-off sale for PlayStation Plus members during November).

The new PSOne Classics top 5 chart was completely dominated by Square Enix titles from the Final Fantasy and Chrono series of games, and two new releases--Corpse Party and Fate/Extra--grabbed the top two spots on the new PSP-specific chart.

Top 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games
1. Infamous: Festival of Blood
2. Saints Row 2
3. Payday: The Heist
4. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
5. Limbo
6. Jurassic Park: The Game - Full Season
7. Real Steel
8. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
9. Resident Evil 4
10. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
11. Daytona USA
12. Pinballistik
13. Castle Crashers
14. Outland
15. Crysis
16. Hasbro Family Game Night
17. Battlefield 1943
18. Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition
19. Mass Effect 2
20. Castlevania Harmony of Despair

Top 5 PS3 Add-Ons
1. Batman: Arkham City - Nightwing Bundle
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops - Rezurrection: Content Pack 4
3. Batman: Arkham City - Robin Bundle
4. DC Universe Online - Fight for the Light
5. Gran Turismo 5 Complete Pack

Top 5 PSOne Classics
1. Chrono Cross
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Chrono Trigger
4. Final Fantasy V
5. Final Fantasy IX

Top 5 PSP Games
1. Corpse Party
2. Fate/Extra
3. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
4. Dissidia 012 Prologus Final Fantasy
5. Phantasy Star Portable 2

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FF7 has been in the top ten since I have owned a playstation. The amount of people that must have purchased it is pretty immense.


can't wait to get this AMAZING game! :D


SONY is just is: amazing!


I remember reading somewhere that Square Enix said that Chrono sereies games did not sell well, and that's why they never made more. While it is a little surprising to see Chrono Cross at the top, this result should melt such a position. Unless they were saying that as an excuse to not make any more. Granted, I don't trust Square Enix to make a Chrono game anymore, so I don't know how to feel about this. =(


As soon as I heard Festival of Blood was coming out I knew I'd wait for the bundle with Infamous 2. Nice to know the spin-off is worth paying the money for. Absolutely loved the first Infamous, quality stuff.


Corpse Party and Fate/Extra are doing great.Awesome!!hopefully,we get to see Corpse Party's sequel(which was released in Japan in September now)and maybe other Visual Novel-styled games!!


ME2 :O ME3 is around the corner now :D


Glad to see Fate/Extra doing well. I'm a bit fan of the FSN franchise, so I get any properly imported properties when I can, and it's an awesome game. Festival of Blood was quite fun, and Infamous 2 was one of my favorite games this year, so it's all good.


Squarenix selling a lot old ps1 and its great that Infamous 2 cold in blood sold since was a gd spoof but not as great as Red Dead Reptation Undead spoof. Next i would like to see next year spoof Max Pync 3 or something else.