Indie Spotlight: Pylo Noveau

This week on the Indie Spotlight, we take a look at Pylo Noveau. Check it out.

Pylo Noveau is a platformer shooting game where you control a mini dinosaur-like creature throughout two levels. In each level, there are a variety of techniques using the forces of nature in your arsenal that help you progress and defeat your foe. As for controls, there is button for jumping, a button for spitting out your attacks, and a button for selecting what type of attack you want to use. Simple controls lead to a simply fun game.

Pylo Noveau.

The game is still in the process of being updated with more worlds, but what is there so far is entertaining. You can kill most enemies by stomping on them a-la-Mario style but for some enemies you will need to select a specific type of attack to take them down. Some of the boss fights can be challenging but that just adds to the fun as you come up with strategies on how to take them down. You can download Pylo Noveau and more at the GameSpot Downloads page.

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Pylo Noveau

Pylo Noveau



Played through world 1. Excellent game in every aspect. The level design of 1-4 was genius.