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The Downloads Blog is back and better than ever. Today on the Indie Spotlight, we have the pixelated medieval adventure game Pixelry.

Set in a medieval pixelated world, Pixelry has you play as a nameless dreamer who has his sights set to one day marry the beautiful princess Arianna Annabelle di Grandigund Hyacinthe, a mouthful, we know. To accomplish his dream, he must train to become a knight and battle his way to the top of the jousting elite just to be acknowledged by the realm and his fair maiden.

The realm of Pixelry.

We've only tried out the demo, which gives you 15 minutes of gameplay, but that was enough to introduce us to the fun world of Pixelry. The demo starts you off by having you equip yourself with the necessary items needed to joust. From there, you upgrade your items and get them ready for your first battle, which you find at a local tavern. In the tavern, you have the choice of jousting practice or entering a local tournament. Once you are in a joust, the controls are simple; they require you to use the arrow keys and space bar. Exciting music accompanies each match nicely and adds a great vibe to each joust. Subtle sound effects give you added enjoyment if you're able to hit the armor of your opponents or unhorse them. After each match, you're given points that either help or discredit your reputation, depending on your win or loss, and money to upgrade your weapon.

Remember to keep your armor up.

But that's not all that Pixelry has to offer. There are areas to train your horse, talk with the princess, and more. The developers have also shed light on future patches for the game, which include a pixel editor that lets you customize your character's look and then some. Watch the video below to find out more. You can help support the developer here, which has now gotten alpha funding from Desura, so expect the game to get even bigger. For more stories like this, check out the GameSpot Downloads Blog.

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Thank you for returning indiespot.

MarcoM moderator staff

The industry is changing in the way they handle patches and demos. Manual patches are rarely being sent out, as they're are mostly sent in-game. Manual demos are becoming less and less frequent, unless you count indie demos, which we will provide as much as possible. More and more demos are featured through steam or other similar clients.


Is Gamespot going to pick the ball back up on downloads? I rarely downloaded files from GS, but I found it useful to read about them here. Why did they effectively kill their downloads coverage with the latest site redesign anyway?


it's music, and speech... overlapping each other... i feel dizzy x_x...