Indie Spotlight: Lumi

This week on the Indie Spotlight, we take a look at Dream-Build-Play winner, Lumi. Check it out.

Lumi is a 2D action puzzle platformer in which you play as some sort of light creature. Not much is known about the character or the world you play in, but the experience is focused on gameplay. The game is set in a world that was once filled with light but then becomes unexpectedly covered in darkness. All of the light creatures that were once your pals have now become dark beings that you must rescue by using your powers of magnetism and light manipulation. Lumi can omit red and blue light to latch onto magnetic colored orbs that help him navigate through each level. Through out each level, you collect fireflies that light up certain trees, which in turn illuminate the world around you.

The beautiful world of Lumi.

The game has a lot of trial-and-error-based gameplay and at times can get a bit frustrating, especially when there’s no story to push you to the end. That said, the gameplay is fun and never gets boring. The art style is beautiful even when the environments are covered in darkness. Each level has a beautiful background, middle ground, and foreground, which you alternate between, giving each level a unique and fun perspective. For 400 Microsoft points, the game is worth a try. To check out more games like Lumi, visit the downloaded blog on the GameSpot downloads page.

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this is a great game guys! check it out for sure! Avoid it at your peril.