Indie Spotlight: Liquid War 6

This week on the Indie Spotlight, we take a look at Liquid War 6. Check it out.

Liquid War 6 is a real-time strategy sci-fi game where you control a red or green liquid army against a similar liquid army. Your main objective is to absorb your enemies until you completely consume them. The control scheme is simple: you mouse over your foes, pulling your liquid with you.

Liquid Wars 6.

Multiple maps contribute to your fight and create obstacles and advantages that adjust gameplay in every match. Once you've absorbed your opponents, the game restarts at the place of total consumption in the previous battle. This adds another layer to each match because you find yourself 50 percent consumed by your once-fallen enemy. Liquid War 6 has multiplayer capabilities through LAN or the Internet, but both are buggy. Your best bet is to play against the computer, which is a worthy opponent. You can download Liquid Wars 6 and more at the GameSpot Downloads page.

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