Indie Spotlight: Igneous

Get ready for a rolling-tiki-head, flowing-lava, free indie game. We check out Igneous. Check it out!

Igneous is one of those indie games that excite you and make you jump for joy knowing that a visually stunning, simple, and fun-to-play game can be created by students. You play as a rolling tiki totem trying to escape an erupting volcano. The controls are simple and best played with an Xbox 360 controller because all you do is control your tiki totem to its linear destination. There’s not much room for exploration since lava, rock, and many other things chase you from all directions.

I knew I should have made a left.

The visuals are stunning, and the detail of rock and lava are superb, as is the huge laser shooting tiki head toward the end of the game. There are two difficulty levels: normal and impossible. The normal level is easy and fun for your first time, but the impossible level is where the gameplay and visuals really pop.

If this game is any indication of where indie games are headed, then the direction is bright and sunny. To download this game and many others, go to the GameSpot Downloads Page.

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looks interesting kinda like what totemball should have been.


Thanks for the article!