Impossible Creatures ships

Microsoft's imaginative new real-time strategy game for the PC has now shipped to stores across North America.

Microsoft has announced that Impossible Creatures for the PC is now available in stores across North America. The real-time strategy game, which was developed by Relic Entertainment, incorporates an innovative "creature combiner" feature that allows players to construct their own units using the body parts and corresponding abilities of more than 50 different animals.

"With Impossible Creatures we've created the RTS for everyone--a game that will appeal to those who've only played a computer game once or twice, as well as hard-core gamers who play more than 30 hours a week," said Alex Garden, CEO of Relic Entertainment. "Because we've based our custom units on something everyone knows--animals--players intuitively understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Impossible Creatures, and can quickly adapt strategies. The result is a fast-paced battle that's never the same game twice."

The game features 15 single-player missions and online support for multiplayer skirmishes. For more information on Impossible Creatures, check out our previous coverage of the game. Expect a full review soon.

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