Imperial Glory goes gold

Pyro Studio's Napoleonic real-time strategy game finishes testing and heads to factory; game hits shelves May 17.

Most modern real-time strategy games focus on either the very ancient, the very modern, or both epochs and everything in between. But Imperial Glory, a new 3D PC real-time strategy game from Pyro Studios, focuses on an often-neglected period of wars: the Napoleonic Era. According to publisher Eidos Interactive, Imperial Glory has completed the development process and will be in stores next Tuesday.

Imperial Glory puts players in the shoes of a Napoleonic Era ruler in Europe. They must research technology, build armies, and glad-hand the neighbors as they prepare for massive conflicts with muskets and cannons. The game re-creates 19th century warfare right down the to sea battles.

Pyro Studios is best known for the Commandos series of action strategy games. The company also created the PC strategy game Praetorians.

Imperial Glory is rated T for Teen and will retail for $39.99. For more details on the game, be sure to check out GameSpot's preview of Imperial Glory.

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a great game except for some very important drawbacks: no game recording playback and time limits in the skirmish games(makes no sense whatsoever. all flanking tactics rendered useless because of time limits)