Ilomilo bounces to XBLA

Xbox Live Update: Southend Interactive's colorful puzzle title lands on download hub; Crackdown 2, MX vs. ATV Reflex, and Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 now available via Games on Demand.

Yesterday at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft announced the virtual House Party five-game pack for the Xbox Live Arcade, which kicks off on February 16. However, before that digital revelry begins, another must end.

Microsoft's Games for the Holidays promotion ended this week with the release of Southend Interactive’s Ilomilo (800 Microsoft points, or $10). The two-player colorful puzzle game has players controlling two creatures: Ilo and Milo. Their goal is to traverse the game's cube-themed environments and reunite somewhere along the way.

Ilo and Milo light up XBLA today.

Switching to the Games on Demand hub, Microsoft added three new titles to the space today, the first of which is Crackdown 2 ($30). From Ruffian Games, the title was released in early July to a positive reception. Crackdown 2 takes its cue from the end of the original game, when members of a federal crime-busting task force unknowingly unleashed a virus onto the metropolis where the game is set. The game features online cooperative play for up to four, as well as competitive modes for up to 16 gamers.

Also out now as a full-game download is Rainbow Studios' MX vs. ATV Reflex ($20). Reflex offers a renovated driving engine that sees deforming terrain affect the handling and control of vehicles. Environments have also been expanded upon, with players being given the chance to rip through the mud and grime of canyons, as well as the slippery slopes of imposing mountain ranges.

Lastly, players wishing to trek through the perilous environments to slay mighty beasts can download Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 ($30) from the Games on Demand hub. The hunting title has players tracking down some of the world’s most dangerous creatures, including lions, rhinos, and grizzly bears.

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Eddie Makuch

Eddie Makuch is a news editor at GameSpot, and would like to see the Whalers return to Hartford.



i clicked on this just to see wat the hell a miloilo is


Looks like a great counter point for Xbox360 to beat out DL games, and more expensive kid games that Sony makes like Littile Big Planet 2 which while it got praise for it's new missions, and story mode, got a big thumbs down for the AI creation tools..........


I might get that Ilomilo game. :O