IGF Spotlight: Fract

We take a look at student showcase winner, Fract.

Here's a game with a ton of potential. Fract is supposedly similar to the Myst titles, but because I skipped out on that franchise, I'll give this a refreshing outlook without the Myst comparisons. The primary objective is to solve subtle puzzles from a first-person perspective in a colorful virtual environment that is similar to TRON. I tested out an early build, which lacked a save feature, so needless to say, I didn't get far with this game. However, it was quite obvious just a few minutes in that developer Richard E. Flanagan was on the right track.


Bright, colorful landscapes fill up the screen as you progress from puzzle to puzzle and are set to a smooth, ambient soundtrack. With a set of headphones, the surround sound impressed with effects unexpectedly panning in and out from both sides. It was definitely a nice touch of detail for Fract. Typical controls include the directional arrows, space bar, shift key, and mouse, which are fine. They may be a bit much at times, but I imagine Fract would be more enjoyable (or convenient) with a motion compatible controller. If you're into puzzle games (even if you aren't), I highly recommend Fract. You might want to wait until a save feature is implemented, but it's still highly enjoyable. I'd also suggest wearing a decent set of headphones while playing to take advantage of the surround sound experience.

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