IGF Spotlight - Confetti Carnival

We take a look at the IGF build of Confetti Carnival at the Game Developers Conference. Check it out!

One of the more unique and interesting games I had a chance to play at this year's GDC was Confetti Carnival. It can best be described as an action puzzle game, but the lines are blurred beyond that label because I haven't played a game quite like this before.

You control these bloblike gummy creatures that explode on contact, leaving a mess of bombs filled with confetti. Your main objective is to wipe out all of the confetti bombs and to do it with style (that is, stunts or combination bonuses). You'll also look cooler pulling these moves off. As you progress in the game, additional moves are rewarded to you for even more combos and points, but the obstacles become more difficult as well.

Confetti Carnival

The smooth, physics-style gameplay is what made this game unique, and it's easy to learn after a few short minutes of getting a feel for it. The introduction of new challenges in every level keeps this game from becoming repetitive.

Congratulations to Niv Fisher and Sagi Koren on a job well done. While they're still unsure about how this game will be distributed, I expect it to get a lot of attention once it gets a proper release date sometime later this year.

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