IEM Cologne 2012 at Gamescom League of Legends Live Stream

Eight of the top League of Legends teams meet up in Gamescom at the IEM Cologne tournament to battle it out for a $40,000 first prize.

IEM 2012 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, will be held from August 15-19. Watch the four-day League of Legends tournament as some of the top pro teams from around the world gather in Cologne, Germany, for a first-place prize of $40,000. See below for the schedule as well as the team list.

IEM GAMESCOM 2012 Cologne League of Legends Schedule

All times CEST


  • 12:00 pm Fnatic vs Curse
  • 3:00 pm Moscow 5 vs Elohell


  • 12:00 pm SK Gaming vs Acer
  • 3:00 pm CLG EU vs Alternate


  • 12:00 pm Semifinal #1
  • 3:00 pm Semifinal #2


  • 11:00 am 3rd Place Match
  • 2:00 pm Grand Final

IEM GAMESCOM 2012 Cologne League of Legends Team List

  • Moscow5.BenQ
  • EloHell
  • FnaticRC
  • SK Gaming

For more information regarding the tournament, brackets, pools, and players, see here

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