Hunting Unlimited update ships to retail

Arush ships Hunting Unlimited 2, includes "free hunt" mode, but puts emphasis on action.

Less than a month after the announcement that the title had gone gold, publisher Arush said today that Hunting Unlimited 2 has shipped to retailers.

Hunting Unlimited 2 seeks to move away from a fully realistic simulation of hunting and increase the fast-paced action gameplay. While a traditional "free hunt" mode is available, the scenario-based gameplay is where the emphasis is.

Players will be placed in scenarios that range from defending themselves from a charging bear to picking out the trophy bull from a stampeding herd of bison. Hunters can avail themselves of 25 available weapons, 21 accessories, hunting-based minigames, and a mission editor for designing their own hunting challenges.

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Hunting Unlimited 2

Hunting Unlimited 2