How Internet Explorer works on Xbox One

Microsoft goes into detail regarding the changes made to the browser app on Xbox One.

With just days to go before the Xbox One hits store shelves this Friday, Microsoft has written a blog post detailing how Internet Explorer will work on the next-generation console.

Microsoft said the sites people enjoy will do more than just work in Internet Explorer on Xbox One because the application was created with support for web standards like HTML5 and CSS3.

In total, Microsoft said support for modern web standards on Xbox One has been increased by over 200 percent from the Xbox 360 version of Internet Explorer. Features from the PC version of Internet Explorer, including website pinning, multiple tabs, and private browsing, are supported on Xbox One.

In addition, Microsoft has increased integration with Xbox SmartGlass so that players' smartphones and tablets can not only be used to navigate Internet Explorer on Xbox One, but also move websites back and forth between the TV and a mobile device.

Internet Explorer on Xbox One also supports multitasking through the system's new Snap feature. Users can run Internet Explorer while watching a movie to search the name of an actor, for instance, or while playing a game to seek out a walkthrough if the game gets tough.

On Xbox One, Internet Explorer fully supports Kinect, allowing users to control the browser through voice and gesture navigation. Users can say "Xbox, Select" while Internet Explorer is running to bring up a list of available voice commands, including "Browse to" and "Click on."

Saying "Click on," followed by whatever the link title is, will activate any link on the page. For especially long links, users can say a few of the words and Internet Explorer should automatically understand.

Regarding gesture control, users can navigate Internet Explorer on Xbox One by moving their hands up or down to pan around the page. The app also supports zooming in and zooming out via gesture controls.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team is also giving away two Xbox One consoles to those who live in the United States. Details on the promotion are available on Xbox Wire. The Xbox One launches this Friday, November 22. For more on the next-generation console, check out GameSpot's ongoing live stream below.

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