Homeworld 2 teaser page launches

Sierra posts a Web page for the sequel to Relic's groundbreaking 3D space strategy game.

Sierra Studios has launched a teaser page for Homeworld 2, the sequel to Relic's 3D real-time strategy game Homeworld. No information about the new game is available on the site, but there is a link for those who wish to sign up for a newsletter about the upcoming game, and a rough release date of 2002. According to Sierra, the game will be shown at E3 in May.

Homeworld was released in late 1999 and received praise for its innovative 3D engine and beautiful graphics. An expansion pack for the game, Homeworld: Cataclysm, was released last September. For more information about the original game and the expansion pack, take a look at our Homeworld archive. To sign up for the Homeworld 2 newsletter, visit the new http://sierrastudios.com/games/homeworld2/teaser page. We'll have more information about Homeworld 2 when it becomes available.

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