Hoggar and Warthog: Separated at Birth?

French car maker Peugeot creates a concept car straight out of Halo players' dreams.


Even if you're not a gambler, it's probably a safe bet that there's an Xbox in the employee lounge at Peugeot. How else can you explain the resemblance between the Hoggar, the French auto manufacturer's concept dune buggy, and the Warthog, the Master Chief's signature ride in Halo.

Besides its similar moniker, the Hoggar, named after a region of Algeria, has the very Warthog-esque tagline of "animal power." Its design is also near-military in its ruggedness, incorporating two engines (either one of which can power the entire vehicle) and redundant dual shocks for going over "extreme obstacles." (Like, say, a Covenant Elite at 60 mph.)

As of press time, neither Microsoft nor Peugeot had returned e-mails regarding the vehicles' similarity.

While not exactly new--it was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show back in February--the Hoggar was only recently brought to the attention of GameSpot via a post on redvsblue.com. Derivative as the design may be, it made more than a few editors' holiday wish lists.