Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe announced

Lonely Cat Games is putting the finishing touches on its remake of the original Hidden & Dangerous squad-based action game.


Lonely Cat Games, the Czech game developer founded by members of the original Hidden & Dangerous team, has announced that it has nearly completed Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe, its upcoming remake of the squad-based action game. The new version of the game features 32 missions and support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and it takes advantage of the new features of DirectX 8.1. The new game also takes advantage of the new features of modern 3D cards such as hardware vertex processing, and it includes dynamic shadows, better multiplayer support, and several bug fixes and other improvements.

No publisher or release date for the game has been announced. For more information, visit the Lonely Cat Games Web site.



They need to remake both the original AND the sequel and merge them together Call of Duty 4 style, while remaining the WW2 games they are. Two to four SAS sabre squads (4 man teams) wreaking havoc across North Africa, Europe, briefly in Asia, with the game swaping back and forth between the Teams so that the story goes Chronologically. It would half to include both of the expansion packs has well.