Here's how to get your five free FIFA Ultimate Team card packs

EA celebrates its fifth FIFA Ultimate Team birthday with free Gold Rare card packs.

EA has decided to shower FIFA Ultimate Team players in a frenzy of free cards to celebrate its fifth birthday.

Reported by Eurogamer, players can now login to the game on PC or console and scoop up five Gold Rare packs for free by clicking on the anniversary banner, though the cards you get this way can't be traded with other players. The free cards aren't available on the FUT web app, though that's also giving away daily gifts from now until Monday.

Alongside the announcement, EA has also said that 64 percent of FIFA players also play FIFA Ultimate Team, and that there have been 725 million matches played within FIFA 14 Ultimate Team so far, and 1.46 billion transfers listed in the game since September 2013.

Ultimate Team was first released as downloadable content for FIFA 09, but has now become a runaway success that forms a core part of EA's annual FIFA releases.

Here's EA's trendy infographic with all sorts of Ultimate Team trivia:

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