Heavy.com weighs in on PSPs

Alt-comedy Web site to offer PSP-compatible content; four Heavy to Go packs can be downloaded today.

Web surfers who have gone on quests to find footage of the dreamy Fabio being hit in the face with a bird on a roller coaster or video of a portly kid doing his best Darth Maul impersonation, have probably come across Heavy.com. The comedy Web site specializes in the most absurd, sophomoric, and just plain wrong that the Internet has to offer.

The thing is, fans of the site had to be tied down to a computer in order to see kittens attacking children or clumsy martial artists.

No longer.

Heavy and Sony today announced a partnership to make the entire Heavy.com library available for download in PSP-ready format.

"We are very excited to be the first mover in the hottest content platform available today," said David Carson, co-CEO of Heavy.com. "Sony recognized that our unique and signature content was ideal to reach its target demographic of 18- to 34-year-old men and to showcase the PSP's nongaming capabilities. We're thrilled to be the first broadband network to 'PSP-cast' our programming. The response thus far to our downloads has been massive."

The content, which weighs in from 18MB to 130MB, starts flowing today with Heavy to Go PSP packs of four of Heavy's programming: Behind the Music That Sucks, which parodies VH1's rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags stories; Blisster, extreme sports clips akin to MTV's Jackass; and Evan and Gareth's Axe Body Spray-funded seduction experiment. The fourth, Pimp My Weapon, a machinama starring God of War's Kratos, was commissioned by Sony in a previous deal with Heavy to promote the PlayStation 2 game.

The Sony-Heavy deal seems to be going well. In addition to the new downloadable content, Pimp My Weapon, and Flash PSP advertisements, many of the site's videos are shown with the backdrop of an image of an almost life-size PSP, as though the clip were coming from the PSP itself.

Sony isn't the only game company represented on Heavy. Red vs. Blue, the machinama made from Microsoft's Halo and Halo 2, has been featured as regular content.

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