Heavy Rain DLC dries up

Quantic Dream indefinitely suspends work on episodic add-ons, switches focus to Move-compatible patch for PS3 adventure game.

Heavy Rain

Gamers expecting more Heavy Rain in the forecast have reason to be disappointed today, as the Heavy Rain Chronicles--a series of downloadable content releases for the PlayStation 3 adventure game--have been indefinitely shelved. Speaking to NowGamer, Quantic Dream founder and president David Cage said the studio had instead turned its attention toward developing the software patch that will make the game compatible with PlayStation Move.

How far would you go to make a Move-compatible version of Heavy Rain?

"Unfortunately, Sony preferred to ask us to focus on Move to support the device rather than on creating new content," Cage told the site. "On our side, we did not want to spend more time on HR, which would have meant delaying new projects. This is a decision I can understand, and I am certainly happy we had the opportunity to play with this device and to support it, although I am certainly disappointed for fans we could not finish the story of HR the way we intended."

Cage said that the team at Quantic Dream had planned to release three Heavy Rain add-ons in all, each focusing on a different character from the game and lasting about an hour. While Heavy Rain was critically acclaimed upon its February debut, the first add-on--April's The Taxidermist--was not so fortunate.

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