Heaven and Earth come to Lineage

NCsoft launches another in-game content update for its first MMORPG Lineage, adding a dark elf invasion.

NCsoft has launched another episode for its massively multiplayer role-playing game Lineage today. Titled Heaven and Earth, the free update adds new areas and creatures to Aden, the game's world, and introduces the Lastabad dark elf army.

Upon launching Lineage, players will find that the Lastabad army has invaded the town of Gludin and threatens every castle in Aden. If the dark elves take over a castle, they will levy heavier taxes on surrounding villages, so players have an economic incentive to keep the new enemies at bay. Besides adding new quests, items, weapons, and monsters, Heaven and Earth will also completely overhaul the game's interface and expand the role of pets, allowing some players to cast powerful spells and wield pet weapons.

Korea-based NCsoft opened up Lineage's North American servers in 2001. It also launched a 3D sequel to the MMORPG, called Lineage II, in April.

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