Haunted Mansion signed for Europe

Take-Two announces that it will publish TDK Mediactive's movie-inspired action game in Europe next month.

Take-Two Interactive has today announced that it will publish The Haunted Mansion in Europe next month. The Disney movie-inspired action game, which was released in North America through TDK Mediactive in October, sees players assuming the role of a ghost hunter named Zeke Halloway, who is attempting to uncover the truth behind a series of murders.

"Not only is this a great-looking, clever, and innovative title, it also completely captures the essence of what the theme park attraction is all about," said Gary Lewis, president of Take-Two Europe. "And, as far as hackle-raising atmosphere goes, The Haunted Mansion arrives stacked to its rotting rafters. From knockabout slapstick scares to genuine moments of unease, this game perfectly captures the tongue-in-cheek horror of the ride."

For more information on The Haunted Mansion, check out our review of the North American version of the game.

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