Hands On: Wai Wai Racing Advance

We take Konami's Game Boy Advance kart racing game for a spin.


Wai Wai Racing Advance is Konami's answer to Mario Kart Advance. The racing game features characters from various spots in the Konami universe, including Goemon (from Legend of the Mystical Ninja), Twinbee, and Pawapuro-Kun.

The game is roughly equivalent to Mario Kart. You run over bells to collect weapons, your kart can hop, and generous amounts of SNES-style rotation is used on the track surfaces. The track design features different surfaces that affect your speed and handling, such as dirt and grass. Another level features a smooth, mirrored roadway that shows off some nice reflections of the karts.

Compared to Mario Kart Advance, Wai Wai Racing Advance really comes off looking like a cheap clone -the cars don't handle as well, the tracks available in the preview version are uninspired, and the game simply isn't as much fun.


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