Halo 2 featurette available now

Watch the sneak preview of the limited-edition Halo 2 video content: <i>Beyond Single Player: Multiplayer & Live</i>.


Halo 2

Curious as to what the behind-the-scenes content on the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition bonus DVD will be like? Wonder no more. Bungie has released one of the segments that will be included on the DVD, Beyond Single Player: Multiplayer & Live. The short features developer interviews that touch on the game's extensive multiplayer modes.

The video, which runs just over six minutes, is available now. Several similar featurettes will be included in the Collector's Edition package, which will be available for a limited time when Halo 2 launches on November 9. The bonus DVD will also include a full-length making-of documentary, deleted scenes and outtakes, developer commentary, an art gallery, and more.

Also premiering today on GameSpot Live is a new official gameplay movie, featuring nearly one minute of exciting new footage. Don't worry--it won't be long now.

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